Christopher Nolan Will Produce The Next James Bond Movie.

Christopher Nolan James Bond lite movies

Could Christopher Nolan end up Directing the 25th James Bond?

Two years after Specter by Sam Mendes, the future of the franchise inspired by the novels of Ian Fleming continues to clear.

If no director’s name has yet been officially advanced, there were rumors that Paul Mcguigan (Dr. Frankenstein, Sherlock) could have taken over. However, new information published on the IMDB page of Bond 25 suggests the opposite.

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It is necessary to go to the page of the production companies credited on the film to realize that there is now Syncopy, which is none other than that founded by Christopher Nolan. The director, probably bringing the final touches to Dunkirk (including a new trailer coming tomorrow), could he then attack James Bond? It seems unlikely that Nolan will be satisfied with a producer position on the film, since all the films produced by Syncopy are those of the director.

Christopher Nolan James Bond Syncopy

For a time, Daniel Craig was considering abandoning the role of James Bond (the rumors preferred Tom Hiddleston). It seems that the actor is finally ready to resume it for the fifth time. Some sources indicated that negotiations between Craig and producer Barbara Broccoli were on track. Naomi Harris and Ralph Fiennes should logically resume their respective roles, as Moneypenny and M.

We will still have to wait for a confirmation or additional information on this new opus of the espionage saga.


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