I Am Heath Ledger: Here is What the Critics Say.

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“Don’t Be Afraid To Fall” – Heath Ledger

After I Am Bruce Lee or I Am JFK Jr., producer and director Derik Murray honors Heath Ledger in his fifth documentary: I Am Heath Ledger. The trailer was released on Tuesday, April 4, the day he would have celebrated his 38th birthday.

From the “Brokeback Mountain” to the Joker in “The Dark Knight“, Heath Ledger has always provoked great emotions to his audience. Died on January 22, 2008, following an accidental take of several combined medications, the actor of 28 years is about to transcend again the screen in the film of his own life.

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Paired with unpublished images and testimonials, the documentary tries to transcribe the personality of the young man as well as possible. His sister, his childhood friends or artists such as Naomi Watts, his ex-girlfriend, or Ben Harper follow one another to pay tribute to the “most living of men”.

I Am Heath Ledger DVD and Blu-ray release date: May 23, 2017.

Here are the critics’ thoughts:

The Playlist – Rodrigo Perez

Ultimately, this rueful picture of Heath Ledger is a loving celebration of a passionate spirit and a tribute fittingly seen through the eyes of the artist himself.

Indiewire – David Ehrlich

I Am Heath Ledger is far too loving a portrait to be confused for art — don’t expect another “Amy” — but the film’s superficial approach is buoyed by an overwhelming degree of sincerity.

The Hollywood Reporter – John DeFore

The doc is less interested in analyzing Ledger’s acting technique than in impressing viewers with his overall creative drive.

Variety – Owen Gleiberman

I Am Heath Ledger is a catchy and seductive portrait of an extraordinary artist, but it leaves you wanting more, because you know it’s not close to being all of Heath Ledger

i am heath ledger litemovies.com

  • Synopsis:

I Am Heath Ledger is a feature length documentary celebrating the life of Heath Ledger: actor, artist and icon. The documentary provides an intimate look at Heath Ledger through the lens of his own camera as he films and often performs in his own personal journey.

  • Directors: Derik Murray, Adrian Buitenhuis.
  • Cast:

Heath Ledger, Kate Ledger, Kim Ledger, Olivia Ledger, Ben Mendelsohn, Naomi Watts, Djimon Hounsou, Catherine Hardwicke, Ang Lee, Christina Cauchi.

  • Runtime: 90min.
  • Release Date: April 23, 2017.
  • Genre: Documentary, Biography.


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