James Cameron defends Titanic ending.

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More than 19 years after its release, and becoming the second highest-grossing film of all time, James Cameron is still defending the ending of his critical and commercial big hit Titanic. As it seems, the fans can’t get over that ending, and why Jack and Rose couldn’t have lived happily ever after. And Mythbusters have dedicating an entire episode on Discovery Channel to prove that Jack could have got the floating door with Rose.

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Well, James Cameron have recently spoke with The Daily Beast and the issue was brought up once again, and the $2.2Billion grossing film director responded “Mythbusters’ full of s**t”.

“Look, it’s very, very simple,” says Cameron,

“you read page 147 of the script and it says, ‘Jack gets off the board and gives his place to her so that she can survive.’ It’s that simple. You can do all the post-analysis you want. So you’re talking about the ‘MythBusters’ episode, right? Where they sort of pop the myth? OK, so let’s really play that out: you’re Jack, you’re in water that’s 28 degrees, your brain is starting to get hypothermia. ‘MythBusters’ asks you to now go take off your life vest, take hers off, swim underneath this thing, attach it in some way that it won’t just wash out two minutes later — which means you’re underwater tying this thing on in 28-degree water, and that’s going to take you five to ten minutes, so by the time you come back up you’re already dead. So that wouldn’t work. His best choice was to keep his upper body out of the water and hope to get pulled out by a boat or something before he died.”

He added,

“They’re fun guys and I loved doing that show with them, but they’re full of shit.”

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