Christopher Nolan Reveals Big Details about ‘Dunkirk’.

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“Dunkirk: The Event that Shaped our World”

It’s known that Christopher Nolan keeps his films under secrecy until the very ending of production, and it’s the same case for his upcoming film Dunkirk, set to be released next July, but recently in an interview with the French magazine ‘Premiere’, the director reveals some details about the movie.

The most important detail was that the movie is going to be told from three different perspectives, from characters on Land (Fionn Whitehead, Harry Styles), Sea (Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance) and in the Air (Tom Hardy).

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Christopher Nolan Said:

“For the soldiers embarked in the conflict, the events took place on different temporalities. On land, some stayed one week stuck on the beach. On the water, the events lasted a maximum day; and if you were flying to Dunkirk, the British spitfires would carry an hour of fuel.”

“To mingle these different versions of history, one had to mix the temporal strata. Hence the complicated structure; Even if the story, once again, is very simple.”

The other detail is that the movie doesn’t contain a lot of dialogues, which is totally different from Nolan’s previous movies.

The director said:

“The empathy for the characters has nothing to do with their story. I did not want to go through the dialogue, tell the story of my characters. The problem is not who they are, who they pretend to be or where they come from. The only question I was interested in was: Will they get out of it? Will they be killed by the next bomb while trying to join the mole? Or will they be crushed by a boat while crossing? “

‘Dunkirk’ is a war movie, but totally different one.

Emma Thomas (Producer) said:

“’Dunkirk’ is a movie about survival, hope and experiencing war”

Christopher Nolan added:

It’s less a war movie than a survival drifted by the suspense. I wanted to be in the present moment, to find the immediate intensity to share the experience of these soldiers. The film recounts a series of paradoxical situations. The most obvious: the army is stuck on this beach and must cross the Channel to return to England. But from there, there are others: will a soldier succeed in reaching the mole? Will the pilot be able to carry out his mission? And the film focuses on suspense sequences that are reduced to a human dimension.”

Dunkirk Details

  • Director: Christopher Nolan.
  •  Cast:
    Fionn Whitehead
    Kenneth Branagh
    Mark Rylance
    Tom Hardy
    Cillian Murphy
    Harry Styles
    James D’Arcy
    Aneurin Barnard
    Jack Lowden
    Barry Keoghan
  • Genre(s): Action, Drama, Thriller, History, War.
  • Release Date: July21, 2017.



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