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«Logan: The first R-Rated Wolverine Movie »


“Logan” Movie is coming to theaters next Friday, starring Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, and the movie is set to be playing in over 3900 Theaters, in competition with newcomers “Before I Fall”, “The Shack”, and “Get Out” that topped the Box Office chart last weekend with an impressive $33.4 Million, but “Logan” is expected to top the Box Office with more than $80 Million.

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The last X-Men movie to be starring Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart is the first Wolverine movie to be R rated, following the huge success of the first Marvel movie “Deadpool” to get an R Rating.

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The Movie follows the story of Logan and Professor X while trying to save a girl named Laura who was cloned from Logan’s DNA. Logan got old and began to lose his abilities and now he lives in a world where there is fewer mutants than ever, years after “X-Men: Days of Future Past”.

The movie scored 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and 73/100 on Metacritic, and many considered it the best Wolverine movie.

There some on the critics thoughts about “Logan”.

Consequence of Sound – Michael Roffman

“This is a filmmaker’s film, a fully realized statement that oozes with the assurance and confidence of a hungry visionary who not only knows what he wants to do but how to do it.”

We Got This Covered – Matt Donato

“It’s not just one of the best superhero movies ever – it’s a damn-fine cinematic representation of the human condition in all its agonizing forms.” – Brian Tallerico

“Logan is the rare blockbuster that could be a game-changer. It will certainly change the way we look at other superhero movies and how history judges the entire MCU and DC Universe of films.”

Logan Movie

  • Director: James Mangold.
  • Cast:
    Hugh Jackman
    Patrick Stewart
    Dafne Keen
    Boyd Holbrook
    Stephen Merchant
    Richard E. Grant
    Doris Morgado
    Elizabeth Rodriguez
    Eriq La Salle
    Elise Neal
  • Genre(s): Action, Science-Fiction.
  • Rating: R.
  • Runtime: 137 min.
  • Production Budget: $127 000 000 (estimated).

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