Oscars 2017: Some Academy voters reveal their thoughts about the nominees.

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With the Academy Award final voting closing last Tuesday at 5 pm PST, and just a few days before the 89th Annual Academy Awards ceremony, some voters are speaking anonymously their thoughts about the nominees.

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One voter called earlier Meryl Streep performance in ‘Forest Foster Jenkins’ “Like a clown”, and a second voter criticized Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling performances, especially Stone’s singing and dancing, “She’s not Cyd Charisse or Debbie Reynolds, you know?”, and also thought that Mel Gibson’s directing is not Oscar worthy, “He’s a talented director, but he wasn’t worthy of a nomination for this movie, and I say that totally apart from my personal feelings about him, which aren’t supposed to factor in here — although he certainly harbors some prejudices that I don’t like and I wouldn’t want to have him over for dinner or to marry my daughter.”


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