Woody Allen doesn’t Think Annie Hall is Special.

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“I’ve made better films than that”

Annie Hall is considered by many critics the best film by Woody Allen. But the director doesn’t seem to share the same opinion.

The 1977 rom-com film won 4 Oscars, Best Picture, Best Actress in a leading role, Best Director and Best Screenplay. Annie Hall also made the list for Great Movies by Roger Ebert.

Ebert said:

Annie Hall contains more intellectual wit and cultural references than any other movie ever to win the Oscar for best picture, and in winning the award in 1977 it edged out Star Wars, an outcome unthinkable today.” Read Full Review Here.

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During a Facebook Live conversation with filmmaker Robert Weide, Woody Allen said:

“For some reason that film is very likable”

“I’ve made better films than that. Match Point is a better film, Purple Rose of Cairo is a better film, the French one – Midnight in Paris – is a better film, Vicky Cristina Barcelona is as good. I mean, I’ve made films that were as good, but for some reason that’s got some charismatic, inexplicable hold on people. That and Manhattan too.”

Allen also explained that he doesn’t always get to the point where his final work meets his visions and expectations:

“When I finished Purple Rose I thought, ‘My God I hit very close to what [I envisioned], Whereas Manhattan, I missed what I was going for. Same thing with Hannah and Her Sisters. I’m not saying it’s a terrible film or a bad — I’m not here to knock my films. But for me personally, I missed. It was too treacly at the end, too bailed-out.”

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